I, ________________________ of __________, ________, Indian Inhabitant, residing at __________________________________________ hereby revoke any previous will and/or Testamentary Writing that I may have executed and declare this to be my last Will and Testament:—

  1. I appoint (1) __________________ and (2) ___________________ to be the Executors of my this Will. They shall hereafter be called “My Executors”.
  2. I hereby authorize and direct my executors to spend a sum to the extent of Rs. _____________/- (Rupees _____________ ____________ only) out of my Estate for my funeral and obituary rites. They shall not be liable for rendering any account to anyone for the moneys so spent by them for the said ceremonies.
  3. I have my wife _______________ and three children namely my son ___________________and unmarried daughters ____________ and ______________, as my legal heirs.
  4. Amongst my properties movable and immovable are the followings:—

(a)  All my equity shares in Superb Agencies Pvt. Ltd. having its registered office at __________________________________. I am the major shareholder of the said company. The said company has also got immoveable properties.

(b)  Ownership Flat bearing No. _________ on _____ Floor of the building known as ‘Gold House’ of XYZ Co-operative Housing Society Ltd. at _____________________________ along with five shares of the said XYZ Co-operative Housing. Society Ltd. representing ownership of the said Flat. The said flat is my self acquired property.

(c)  Houses bearing Nos. ________ and ______ situated at ___________________________________ at Amritsar, Punjab.

(d)  Land at ___________________________________________, the details where of are as under:‑

(e)  Share in the assets of my HUF viz. ____________________ HUF.

(f)   The Ownership offices/premises bearing Nos. ________&_____at________________________________. The said offices exclusively belong to me and are my self acquired properties.

(g)  Bank accounts; shares; securities; debentures; investments in Unit Trust of India, National Saving Scheme, Public Provident Fund Scheme and jeweler etc.; and

(h)  Any other residuary estate standing in my name or belonging to me or inherited or bequeathed to me or acquired by me at any time hereinafter or otherwise.

  1. I hereby give Devise and Bequeath the estate mentioned in aforesaid Clauses 4(a), 4(c), 4(f), 4(g) and 4(h) solely and absolutely to my wife _________________________. My wife shall be fully entitled to deal with the same in the manner as she deems fit and proper and at her own discretion. If my wife predeceases me in that event, the said estate shall go to all my three children in equal proportion.
  2. I hereby give Devise and bequeath the estate mentioned in aforesaid Clause 4(b) above solely to my wife ________________ for her life time and thereafter the same shall belong to my son Sheri ____________________________.  My wife during her life time will not be entitled to deal with the said flat without the written and specific consent from my son. However, if any of my daughters remain unmarried she/they shall have life interest of residence in the said flat.
  3. I hereby give Devise and Bequeath the estate mentioned in aforesaid Clause 4(d) above solely, exclusively and absolutely to my son Sheri ___________________________.
  4. I hereby give Devise and Bequeath the estate mentioned in aforesaid Clause 4(e) to my wife _____________________ and my son ________________________ in equal proportion.
  5. I have made my this Will in my good and sound health and after fully understanding the same in all aspects.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I the said ________________________ have hereunto set my hand at ________ this  ________ day of _________ 200__

SIGNED AND DECLARED BY                        )

______________________________,              )

The Testator above named as                     )

And for his last Will and                             )

Testament in the presence of                      )

We present at the same time                      )

Who at his request in his                            )

Presence and in the presence                      )

Of each other have hereunto                       )

Set and subscribed our respective               )

Names as witnesses:                                )

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